Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Poems of WW1 Part 2

Stars shine bright     
On christmas night
Bayonets gleam
Under the stars I start to dream
Life without the war
It seemed impossible anymore
Khaki and brown uniforms
I looked at the rainstorms
Slowly a pale light starts to rise
Now the kea cries
We are ordered to get into parade formation
because it is time to see another nation
As we go back we see some Aussies
Next we see some Tommies
The orders are charge now christmas later

Going above the rise
Scarily we are in there eyes
Now there are some cries
Next we need to see how the land lies
Then there is a bombardment phase manny Kiwi soldiers get hit
Now we need to run up the hill with our kit
Suddenly German machine guns start firing
Finally the enemy are in my eye ring

Five Kiwi soldiers rush over to a shed
Luckily enough there is a injured New Zealand Commando on the bed
Horrifyingly the shed turned into flame
The German Air Force was to blame

Poems of WW1 Part 1

Planes buzz and whirr around me
Only when I open my eyes do I see
Khaki uniforms on the ground
With machine guns spitting out round after round
Silver of Bayonetes
Before the waves and waves of Air Force Jets
Men leaving the safety of the safety of there trenches
Then more run out with hopes
Night finally comes

Now there is one more charge of the West Coast Battalion
As I leave my trench suddenly shouts ring out in Italian
Running foard the man next to me falls
"Forward men" an officer calls
My skin got teared with something cold
I fell to the ground and thought my life had been sold
A purple colored liquid started seeping to the dirt
There was a humongous rip in my shirt
Close to me a bomb landed on a poppy
I waited for it to coppie
But it unfolded
Slowly I reached out to hold it
It had not given up so why should I
Slowly tears sprung to my eye
Stood up and kept running up the hill and got through the enemy lines
There was celebration of all kinds

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

T2W8 Andrew: Recount

Today (Monday the 28th of June) we had two visitors in Ruma
Piwakawaka. Their names were Mr Kanine and Mrs Gurden
they taught us how to use
Tynker and how to code drones. My favourite bit was coding
the drones. For Tynker we made a Pacman game. When we
had finished we got to play it with makey makey. To code our
Pacman game we made a background, an actor and some
scripts. First we used the events coding pieces. Also we
learned the coding had to be like a sentence to make sense for
the computer. For a start I put in when right arrow key pressed
move 10 pixels. But when we tried walking left it keep on
moving right. Funnily enough Mr Kanine called us down for a
maths lesson. Surprisingly doing year one maths was very hard
for us because we didn’t know the name numberline for a
numberline. Luckily for us someone said to do -10 because that
is the opposite of 10. Next we made our maze background.
I coded up and down a different way from everybody else.
Because I made the script when up arrow pressed point
towards top edge or point towards bottom edge.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Why we need a Government Explanation

Why do we need a Government?

We need a Government to secure our boundaries and set tax rates.
If we didn’t have a government New Zealand would be in chaos.
The Prime Minister at this time is Jacinda Ardern.
The parties in NZ are National, Labor, Green, NZ first and Maori.
Being in the Government sounds like fun but it isn’t because you would have to
make tough decisions like if you should raise the taxes or not.
There are 71 seats in the NZ government. To be the Prime Minister you have to:
You must have most of the other people in your party to think that you are going to be good at the job.Your Party needs to be voted first.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Riddle Me This

Jasper was taking a cat, a chicken and some grain to market.
To get there he has to cross a river in a boat which only fits two items (persons).
The cat will eat the chicken if left unattended, the chicken will eat the grain unattended.
How will Jasper get to market with all three?

First he would take the Chicken over.
Next he goes back over and gets the grain.
While he is there he takes the Chicken back over and drops it off.
Then he takes the cat over.
Finally he goes back and collects the chicken

I fly without wings, I cry without eyes. What am I?


People buy me to eat, but never eat me. What am I?

Cutlery, bowls and plates.

Mr Smith has 4 daughters. Each daughter has one brother. How many children does Mr Smith have?

5 because each daughter has the same brother.

Mr Brown was killed on Sunday afternoon. The wife said she was reading a book,
the butler said he was taking a shower, the chef said he was making breakfast,
the maid said she was folding clothes and the gardener said he was planting tomatoes. Who did it?

The Chef. He said he was making breakfast.

Friday, 25 May 2018

What's Missing

3 ACT LESSON TITLE: What’s Missing
NAME: Andrew
There is not enough chips for the person
There is heaps of blue and not many cheese ones.
There were more cheese ones
There was one big bag of 10 packets
There was a lady opening the bag
The person seemed to be confused
He opened the packet and I thought he thought there would be more packets than he saw.
There was only two yellow chip packets.
There wasn’t many chips.
There was a person opening a bag of chips.
There was 11 bags of chips - not an even number.
They had the same amount of different coloured chips.
There was an even amount all together.
There were two different kinds.
It was only half full
There wasn’t as much green as yellow.
There were too many chips to eat.
The lady was disappointed.
There was three different kinds of chips.
There was only two blue packets and way more yellow ones.
The bag wasn’t completely full of chips.
The lady opened the bag and thought she had heaps of of her favourite ones but she had only some.
There were more yellow than blue.
There was more green than yellow.
Why she made a gesture with her hands.
Was she angry?
What brand of chips they were?
Why there weren’t many chips.
What a fraction problem could be?
Why the bag was yellow but not all chips were yellow?
Why she didn’t get the same colour of chips?
I wonder if she ate all of the chips?
I wonder what would happen if they were sorted into groups of colours.

If the bag was yellow and but not all of the chips were yellow, what fraction of the chips were yellow.

  1. How many of each colour were there in the bag?
  • If the bag was yellow and but not all of the chips were yellow, what fraction of the chips were yellow.
  • How many bags of each colour are missing?
  • What fraction of each colour is missing?

    Official ESTIMATE
    2 green,
    3 green, 4 yellow, 2 blue and 1 brown
    5 yellow,

    Google Draw
    Google Graph
    ACT 2
    3 green
    4 yellow
    2 blue
    1 brown

    Link to World War Three Writing